Monday, April 1, 2013


Who makes YOUR food? So often the answer is “How the heck would I know?” Much of our food comes from distant places. Even in restaurants, you rarely see the people making your tasty meal.

We opened our current bakery in 2010 and from the beginning, we wanted transparency in how and where your cookies are made. Our open kitchen design is a rarity in bakeries. Everyday our customers marvel at the team of people they see mixing, rolling, baking and decorating their cookies. Many times our customers are so transfixed by what our crew is making they order something related to whatever is in production at the moment!

An open kitchen is a first step in knowing how your cookie came to be, but who are those people and what are their stories? Today we begin a multi-part series of profiles on the talented and dedicated people who make magic everyday at our bakery.

Name: Katherine “Katie” Rangel
Where did you grow up? Sugarland, TX
Position/Title at MCJ: General Manager
How did you get into cooking? My first job was at a candy store when I was 14 years old. I have a major sweet tooth. I used to dine out with my firend’s parents at fancy restaurants so I was exposed to many different cuisines and it caught my interest. After high school I enrolled in Houston Community College’s baking and pastry program and studied under a Belgian chef name Eddy Van Damme (he was fantastic). I also did an internship at Mark’s American Cuisine and worked in a handful of other places to gain experience. I was then hired as the first employee at Michael’s Cookie Jar and have been happily working there ever since.
Favorite Cookie: Chocolate Chip - hot, gooey, and fresh out of the oven.
Favorite food: Almond Croissants and the Chile Rellenos at Hugo’s Mexican Restaurant. 
Guilty pleasure: Watching a movie, sitting alone on my couch with a glass of wine.
Best way to spend a Sunday afternoon: Playing with my family in the park.
Hobbies: I like to read, draw, and paint.
An interesting or secret fact about yourself: I can speak Spanish, I have an armful of tattoos, and matching moles on my feet.
If you never had to work what would you do? I would make croissants all day and take care of my son.
What is the last book you read? Mad Cowboy: Plain Truth from the Cattle Rancher Who Won’t Eat Meat by Howard Lyman.
What is on your bucket list? Travel the world and drag race on a professional speedway.
Favorite Quote: “When I am in trouble eating is the only thing that consoles the present I am eating muffins because I am unhappy. Besides, I am particularly fond of muffins.” - Oscar Wilde
Favorite Hangout Spot: Lounging in the grass at the Menil Collection in Montrose
What do you think everyone should know about Michael’s Cookie Jar? Going to MCJ is like buying a luxury item - you get great service and a great product - it is the Nieman Marcus of bakeries!

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