Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Michael's Cookie Jar Downtown Grand Opening

What makes a grand opening GRAND?   Well…the word "grand" is synonymous with Magnificent, and can be thought of as awe-inspiring, splendid and monumental.  

We at Michael’s Cookie Jar want to share the GRAND experience of our small business expanding, growing, and thriving with you, the community, our patrons, friends and fans. What is an exciting moment in time if you can’t share it? We are prepared to do just that on Friday, March 14th from 12-4 p.m. at Michael’s Cookie Jar downtown in the Pennzoil Tower.

Did you know there is a whole world that work and play under the streets of downtown Houston? Most people don’t know such a world exists and that you can get #cookiesunderground as well as a hearty lunch, shop for gifts and meet people from interesting and intriguing professions of all kinds.

Michael’s Cookie jar is proud to be a part of this underground world and to share their cookies with the best of the best when it comes to cookie lovers. Why don’t you set some time aside on Friday the 14th (or any day for that matter) and take a field trip to explore and visit us in the Pennzoil Tower.  

During our Grand Opening you will meet the “Cookie Master” himself, Michael Savino, our local vendors and partners from Araya Chocolate, Chocolate Pizzazz, Caphin and Mill-King. A Star of Hope representative will be on site and a percentage of our proceeds from our event will be given to this worthy cause as giving back is part of Michael’s “Grand” scheme.  If that is not enough, warm cookies out of the oven, door prizes and a fun filled atmosphere will have you in cookie heaven.

In closing, be in the know, experience #cookiesunderground and join us for our Grand, Magnificent and awe-inspiring event.  We’ll preheat the oven now!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Bronco Buster Rides into Houston!

There’s a new cookie in town!  Inspired by the deep traditions of Houston’s beloved rodeo, Michael has created a cookie that embodies the spirit of life on the range!

The Bronco Buster is a cowboy inspired cookie. A little like an oversized (4 oz) chocolate chip cookie, but made with candied bacon, Texas pecans and a hint of chipotle. It’s a rebel of a cookie, one that deserves its own box.

At first bite you might need time to process the experience.  The flavors rush through your mouth like a stampede of wild horses. As your eyes roll back into your head you realize you have just tasted the best cookie this side of the Mason Dixon line. When only crumbs remain you might find yourself in need of an ice cold glass of milk, a shot of bourbon, or a nap, either way, be assured, your taste buds will never be the same.