Monday, September 19, 2011

Support the Arts with Cookies!

Our "official" one year anniversary is October 1st which is appropriate since it is also National Cookie Day (Really!  look it up!).  We've started a tradition of giving gifts on our birthday instead of receiving them.  Last year we donated the proceeds from our grand opening to the Big Brothers/Big Sisters organization of Houston.  As a matter of fact, I became a big brother in January.  When I'm not in the kitchen, my little brother and I are hanging out!
As I mulled ideas in my head this year about which organization to support, I came up with some criteria.  It had to be about kids (many of our best customers are kids!).  It had to be local.  And this year I wanted it to be about the arts.  Living a good life is  a work of art, so we should surround ourselves with good food, good music and good art.

I work with a lot of kids throughout the year through various schools and organizations.  One group, The Children's Music Foundation, stood out in my mind.  Their mission is to teach kids how to play the guitar (in fact, the kids receive their own guitar) but in return the child must "pay it forward," which means he or she must also teach someone to play the guitar.  I love the idea of "pay it forward."  It allows each one of us to accept the kindness and guidance of others while placing a responsibility on us to do the same for another person in our life.

If you'd like more information about the Children's Music Foundation, please click this link.  Even better, come and see us on October 1st and decorate some cookies for a good cause!

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