Friday, January 7, 2011

Pumpkin Moon Cookie

Ok, I'm very proud of this cookie...even though its debut is about four months late, which reminds me of something else.  Customers always ask "what's my favorite cookie."  Honestly, I love'm all (how many people are willing to name their favorite child?).  I don't put a new item into our pastry case until I taste its specialness! 

So that brings me back to the late debut of the Pumpkin Moon Cookie.  We were testing recipes in the late summer, but not really liking the results.  This cookie, which is really a little cake that is baked and then the bottom side is iced, had to be moist with a distinct taste of pumpkin and a hint of spice.  We tried several versions of a recipe, but the results were disappointing. 

Once we got into the autumn season, there was no time to test recipes anymore. The holidays were upon us and all our energy was focused on filling orders.

After Christmas,  I remembered that a customer had brought me a recipe during the summer for a pumpkin cookie that she liked.  Initially I didn't think much of it by looking at the ingredients. Well, later in the autumn, that same customer came in with a sample of her cookie for me to taste, and it was yummy!  I revisited the recipe, made a few changes (omit shortening, replace with butter, etc) and started testing again.  Moist! Pumpkiny! With a hint of spice!  We added a cream cheese icing and....perfection!

Now, along with our classic Black & White cookies and Mocha Moon cookie, we present the Pumpkin Moon Cookie!

So, dear reader, which version do you like better?  The chocolate swirl top or the one that is half dipped in demerera sugar?

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Anonymous said...

We've been in the last 2 days--my three boys love your cookies! My fave is the pumpkin w/ sugar. So yummy! We tried the chocolate swirl a month or so ago, but leaving the chocolate out to fully enjoy the pumpkin is the way to go.

P.S. I'm eating one of your palmiers right now as I type--delicious!